The Bullies Reality Foundation Surprises Middle School

Hartland Middle School at Ore Creek, MI


Hartland Middle School at Ore Creek

Hartland, Michigan

Nov. 4th 2016

by MollyKate Cline

"We’ve had a couple of the cheerleading squad reach out to us, and they’ve been following our movement.” says Tim Levasseur, founder of The Bullies Reality Foundation during a surprise assembly at Hartland Middle School at Ore Creek early November 4th.

After just recently hosting a charity event for shooting victims in Texas only a couple weeks prior, Levasseur is now at it again. After hearing from a couple cheerleaders from Hartland Middle School, Levasseur decided to bring his own cheerleaders to them for a surprise assembly. Krista DeBono (The Amazing Race) and Tiffany Chantell (The Amazing Race) , all of which were once cheerleaders for the NY Jets, put on a fun routine performance for the crowd.

Not only did the middle schoolers get to watch The Bullies Reality Cheerleaders, but all of the cheerleaders in the audience got to come down onto the basketball court and get recognized for their tremendous support.

The most emotional part of all, was Levasseur’s speech to the children. He says that, “What we stand for, are kids against bullying”.

At the end of the speech, all of the children put their arms in the air as Levasseur preaches, “I want YOU to be the reason bullying stops” The kids of Hartland Middle School screamed “YES!” at the top of their lungs to stopping bullying today!

These kids are now part of The Bullies Reality Family and because of the good hearts Levasseur, DeBono, Chantell, and the rest of The Bullies Reality have, these kids now have the motivation to change the future.

Hartland Middle School Cheerleaders thank The Bullies Reality Foundation by posing in a picture with their new Bullies Reality t-shirts.