Max's Story

Saving America's People


The Bullies reality Foundation CEO Tim Levasseur along with Director Rodney Lavoie jr. (From hit show CBS "Survivor") are dropping everything they are doing to help a family in need in LA. Tim & Rodney are flying out To Los Angeles with their of group of celebrities from the hit shows CBS Survivor and Big brother to help out this family.

The youngest 14 year old was going to commit suicide and he reached out via Instagram: @Bulliesreality for help.  They are starving and  have No Television, cable, No Internet, and are living out of their car. They are now homeless. "We got enough money for pancake Mix today for the week, its a blessed day" A direct quote from this family. we are flying ouy to LA to get them back on their feet and change their lives.

We are going to get them furniture shopping, grocery shopping, household goods. Secondly we are going to rent u-haul and arrange transportation and take this family back to their home state of Texas to start a New Life!