Joseph's Story

This foundation saved my son.


Joseph was bullied without his parents knowing throughout all of fifth grade by kids he called his friends. He never told them and would come home every day and go to his room. They didn't think anything of it. He moved on to middle school and it got so much worse. Joseph was bullied, called names like Gay, fa***tt and "Go Kill Yourself" just because he was a little smaller and had a style all his own. His was funny, personable, he loved to dance and make jokes. Very gifted in sports and very bright being diagnosed as gifted and placed in gifted classes. He was bullied by three main students in his middle school day in and day out. One day he broke down crying to his sister that he couldn't hold it or take it anymore. His spirit was damaged. He was doing bad in school, didn't want to come out of his room much. He had mentioned he thought about hurting himself. His parents brought this to the schools attention. After his parents brought this to the schools attention they initially denied anything was going on because they we're afraid of losing their A rating/reputation and funding from the state. His parents met several Times with teachers and security. It happened several more times, Joseph got into a fist fight because one of the bullies kept messing with him. The last straw came when he was cornered in the bathroom after school by over twenty 8th graders threatening him and saying they were going to beat him. Two of his friends were able to shield him and get him on his bus. Joseph's Dad being a former NYPD officer and his wife is a fiery Puerto Rican from the Bronx were in tears and confusion on why this problem couldn't be fixed.

They finally reached out to CEO Bullies Reality Foundation Tim Levasseur and the entire bullies team. Our love and support was what he needed. It took absolute strangers to step up and care about Joseph. Tim contacted the school numerous times and they denied what was going on. Tim flew Joseph and his family to Texas and showered Joseph with love the entire time . We formed a bond that will never be broken. Joseph didn't want to leave Texas. After returning home he walked with confidence and swagger again. One of his bullies apologized and never did anything again. The other two were suspended and have never again stepped up to my Joseph. He has become the Smart, extremely funny, amazing in sports and strong passion with gaming technology . He has always been involved in sports but this year he grew on the football field. Not just in Inches but in heart and spirit. He was vocal and confident.