Sarena Vilandre's Dream Honeymoon Possible by Bullies Foundation

It's Sarena Vilandre, the 21-year-old that you generously donated $2000 to for her honeymoon 🙂

I have been meaning to email you for the longest time but it seems that every time I start typing this email I get distracted by honeymoon pictures! I wanted to reach out to you and thank you once again for what you did for Tyler and I.

We had such an amazing time on our honeymoon and it was all because of you. We were able to have a couple's day massage, rent out a cabana on the beach for dinner, and rent out jet skis for two days. We were able to eat amazing food every single day- I gained quite a bit of weight LOL! I also wanted to send you some pictures 🙂

Thank you so much for everything, it meant so much to Tyler and I that we were able to make these memories together. We would never have had a honeymoon like this without you. I have been doing pretty good lately, my tumors have actually been responding to treatment and have been shrinking for a while now. I have had some pretty awful side effects however, so I will have to decide soon if I will like to continue this treatment or look into another one.

Overall though, I have been able to get out and about and have had a lot of good days lately. Tyler is in his last semester of school and he will be double majoring in computer science and media 🙂

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