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Saving families across America who are dealing with severe afflictions and provide them with a better life.


Bullies Foundation is a 501c Organization.

teaching families

To help teach families of the bullied child and the child who is Bullying by offering effective solutions on how to respond to all forms of bullying and join our Family.

educating kids

Educate kids and teens in schools and on social media providing help for those in need and at risk of suicide.

working with schools

We want to work with schools worldwide by Creating new Bullying programs and policies for both the Bully and the kids who are being bullied.

creating bonds

Create lifelong bonds with their favorite celebrity/reality television star and to belong to the Bullies Reality” family for life. ( V.I.P Proms/Graduations/Dinner Dates/Fun Activities & Many More with their favorite celebrities)


(The Wichita Falls Independent School District)  were privilege to have Tim and his team of celebrities visit all 3 of our middle school campuses in January of 2017. We embraced their mission of helping students by offering effective solutions on how to respond to all forms of bullying. The students could really identify with the celebrities and their personal stories of overcoming bullying. The celebrities' willingness to stay in touch and offer support to students through social media is inspiring. They truly have a commitment to help make a change one student at a time and one school at a time. The fight against bullying continues to be a major effort in all schools. By incorporating a variety of strategies in our schools we can make greater headway in reducing bullying behavior. The Bullies Reality Foundation assemblies challenge students to raise their moral standard along with helping to instigate a change to tum the tide in a school to help prevent bullying problems. In combating bullying, the WFISD has policies in place with the goal of creating a safe and accepting learning environment. This goal requires the sustained efforts of teachers, students and parents to raise a standard against bullying and bring about long lasting change. The Bullies Reality Foundation helps to bring a spark to ignite this change and through their continued support will hopefully create a long lasting positive outcome.

Julie Henderson Health Curriculum Specialist Wichita Falls School District

I cant thank Bullies Reality Foundation for making this possible! This is Beyond anything i could ever hoped for. Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity! I am so excited and cant wait to go the prom now.

A child helped by bullies reality

I read online about Max's story. it pulls my heart. I would love to get the Police station to help in any way possible for the amazing work you are doing.

Major K. Jones Louisville Metro Poilce Department

Thanks so much for putting this together. Being bullied for most of my life, I have had to hold all of my pain in for all these years. When i visit the bullies reality pages it truly brightens up my day. Thank you for your inspiration and all that you do. i am so happy to be apart of this bullies reality foundation family.

Survivor Superfan

Awesome meeting you guys in California while you were filming. Now that i have a full understanding of what you guys do, its amazing! You guys are Real life Angels!

LA Resident

I truly love this organization so much. All of the outreach you do for families in America is absolutely inspiring. One person at a time, you guys are doing it! You all deserve the out most respect and support and you absolutely have it from me. Keep fighting the good fight.

Instagram follower/supporter


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tim and Krissy

Tim & Krissy Levasseur



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